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NY Dept. of Education promotes book with drawings of teens in sex acts


The following contains  herein editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

NEW YORK- In yet another disturbing example of indoctrination of children by the radical LGBT movement, Breitbart News reports that the New York State Department of Education is promoting a cartoonist named Maia Kobabe, who has authored a book called, “Gender Queer: A Memoir.”

What could possibly go wrong?

According to Breitbart, the book features explicit drawings of teens performing sex acts such as oral sex, along with a number of others.

According to the Department of Education, they claim they were “not aware of the graphic nature of the contents of the book, which is not apparent from its title.”

This is of course yet another incident where those responsible for educating our children plead ignorance when their motives are uncovered. Law Enforcement Today recently reported on another such incident from Connecticut, which we will address below.

Breitbart writes that the book was promoted by librarian Lauren Moore after the far left National Education Association, through its Read Across America program, encouraged New York’s Department of Education to solicit librarians across the state to share their favorite books, as reported in The Post Millennial.

Kobabe, who uses “e/em/eir” pronouns…whatever the hell that means…saw Moore write that she is “grateful for books that let my kid know they are not alone.” Alrighty then.

As one might expect, the images contained in Kobabe’s book have slammed the decision to push the book, with many expressing disgust about the graphic depictions of sex acts, while also encouraging (of course) children to question their gender identity.

The official NY State Education Dept Twitter account is promoting a book containing pornographic content for children.

— Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) March 2, 2022

In one case, a twitter user shared explicit images from the book, along with an email exchange she’d  had with administrators from the North Kingstown, Rhode Island School Department in order to bring the perverted content to the school’s attention.

Gender Queer is available in our library, is intended for a teenage and young adult audience, and in my opinion would be considered a valuable resource for someone who is working through issues of sexual identity and/or identifying as transgender,” a school administrator wrote.

The administrator went on in the email to make the absurd claim that the content was not in fact pornographic, but was somewhere along the same lines as the work of Italian sculptor Michelangelo.

The Superintendent of North Kingstown High School argues that the child pornography in the book, Gender Queer, supports “sexual health.”

Public school gives your kids porn because it’s good for them.

— Nicole Solas Domestic Terrorist! (@Nicoletta0602) October 17, 2021

“[I]mages in a Playboy magazine would be considered pornographic, but a statue from Michelangelo, sexual images in an anatomy textbook or sexual references in health class discussion or in many works of literature are not,” the administrator wrote.

“In this case, the intent of the author is to be concerned for the sexual health of those who are transgender, clearly not to be phonograpic [sic],” the administrator continued.

Not pornography? Someone might want to let Instagram know. According to author and mathematician Dr. James Lindsay, when images from Gender Queer: A Memoir are uploaded to the platform, they are removed by the site, which advises that the photos violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines on “nudity or sexual activity.”

“Instagram agrees that the groomer book in our kids’ schools is pornographic,” Lindsay claims.

Meanwhile, Emily DeSantis of the New York State Department of Education told The Post Millennial that, “SED was not aware of the graphic nature of the contents of the book, which is not apparent from its title.”

“Once we became aware, we immediately removed the post,” she added. “SED is investigating the circumstances under which this title was selected and posted.”

The Post Millennial noted that the book is still being promoted by the Manhattan Public Library, as well as the New York Public Library, along with dozens of others.

For more indoctrination, this time from Enfield, Connecticut, we invite you to:


This article contains content which is editorial in nature and is the opinion of the writer. 

ENFIELD, CT- Hey, it’s only indoctrination.

Yet another school system, this time in Connecticut is under fire after a teacher handed out an assignment called “Pizza and Consent,” where apparently eighth grade students were given a class handout which advised that pizza could be used as a “metaphor for sex,” whereby students were to list their favorite and least favorite pizza toppings “in relation to sex,” Fox News reports.

The assignment was distributed to students at the John F. Kennedy Middle School in Enfield, CT late last month, however, reports only surfaced recently.

Examples in the assignment included: “Likes: Cheese = Kissing,” “Dislikes: Olives = Giving Oral,” the assignment read.

Law Enforcement Today obtained a copy of the assignment, shown below.

“Now that you know this metaphor for sex, let’s explore your preferences! Draw and color your favorite type of pizza. What’s your favorite style of pizza? Your favorite toppings? What are your pizza no-no’s? Now mirror these preferences in relation to sex!” the assignment continued.

The assignment then included a section for “likes” and “dislikes” where students were to “mirror” their preferences for pizza toppings in relation to sex.”

“Obviously, you might not be able to list all your wants, desires, and boundaries, but hopefully you’ll start feeling more comfortable about discussing them,” the instructions read.

“For those of y’all who don’t like pizza or sex at all, feel free to draw out another food or include non-sexual activities,” it read.

The New York Post reported the assignment continued:

“We can use pizza as a metaphor for sex. When you order pizza with your friends, everyone checks in about each other’s preferences, right?

Some people might be vegan, some might be gluten-free. Others might love pineapple while others prefer pepperoni,” the assignment said, according to Parents Defending Education.

“Some might not like pizza at all. If you’re a vegetarian, your friend is a meat lover, sharing a pizza is going to bring up a lot of issues. You don’t know who you can share a pizza with unless you ask!’ it continued.

“The same goes with sex! You have to check in with your partner(s) and ask for their preferences. Your partner(s) might be comfortable with one sexual activity but not the other,” the assignment instructed. “So start a conversation! It’s the only way sex (and pizza) can be comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.”

Parents clearly were not happy. Beside parents in the Enfield School system, Parents Defending Education slammed the assignment and exposed it.

This week, Enfield Public Schools Superintendent Christopher Drezek addressed the issue during a school board meeting, saying that the assignment was distributed “inadvertently” to eighth graders, while calling it a “mistake.”

Drezek agreed that the content in the assignment was “inappropriate,” and assured parents that there was no “hidden agenda.”

“There was no secret cabal to indoctrinate kids on something. They sent the wrong document,” Drezek. “And I’m not going to perpetuate this story any longer on their behalf. So that’s what happened. And none of us are happy that it happened. No one feels worse that it happened than the person that did it.”

Parents Defending Education said the school district’s Health and Physical Education coordinator, Brie Quartin, sent an email to parents and apologized for the error.

“The incorrect version, as opposed to the revised version of this assignment was mistakenly posted on our grade 8 curriculum page, and was inadvertently used for instruction to grade 8 Health classes. I caught the error after our curriculum revision in June, but failed to post the intended version. I own that, and apologize for the error,” the coordinator reportedly said.

She explained the correct version was intended for “students to work in small groups to craft a pizza with toppings (no behaviors associated with said toppings) that would make everyone happy/comfortable using non-verbal communication only.”

“Students are then asked to reflect and discuss how thoughts or feelings can be confusing or miscontrued [sic], if we rely on non-verbal cues/communication alone. The parallel to be taught here is that when discussing pizza topping it is important that your preferences are clearly communicated to avoid any misunderstanding,” she added.

Some parents weren’t buying it. Tracey Jarvis, pastor of Enfield’s New Day Church told NBC Connecticut:

“This assignment is prompting kids to become sexually active before their time. Youth don’t even know how to navigate platonic relationships, so why introduce sexual relationships?

“We should not be encouraging youth to explore each other’s bodies with multiple partners in an open environment for any reason,” she continued. If somebody is doing that or asking them to do what they should tell a responsible adult, who then reports it?”

Jarvis also claimed that such assignments “are giving them [children] way more information than they are psychologically ready to handle at this age. By doing this you open up doors for them to have partners that are older than them, increasing statutory situations,” she said.

Earlier when the assignment was released, a number of residents showed up at a Board of Education meeting to complain about it, however board chair Tina Lapponese Leblanc promptly canceled the meeting after a number of parents showed up without wearing masks.

According to the Daily Mail, one parent then took to YouTube to express disgust. Identified only as “Amanda,” she said what she had planned on saying until the school board meeting was abruptly canceled.

“Since when has it become acceptable for a teacher to ask a student what their sexual wants, desires and boundaries are?” she asked.

Other parents spoke up at the Tuesday meeting, including parent Jonathan Grande, who said:

“The assignment was crude, it lacked good taste.”

Another parent, Sophia Arel read the assignment aloud during the public communications portion of the meeting, according to the Enfield Patch.

“Does that make you feel uncomfortable? Does that make you cringe? Would you like to share your sexual preferences with a roomful of people? Imagine how a 13-year-old kid would feel. It’s inappropriate. Keep this garbage out of our schools and let kids be kids.”

Arel then turned to the superintendent Drezek and said:

“And you made an apology to the teacher who ‘made a mistake.’ But what about an apology to the students who received the assignment? What about that? What a cowardly and weak response.”

Another woman, who was not identified made a point by walking up the speakers’ table carrying several pizza boxes. She was removed from the meeting.  

One public school apologist, Marci Taliceo claimed the “particular assignment was obviously not appropriate but it was not intended to cause harm to any child,” the Post reported.

Yet another public school apologist Liz Davis denounced so-called “conspiracy theories” being published on social media and accused several members of the school board of taking part.

“We’ve got the best teachers in this state; we’ve got the best superintendent in this state,” Davis said. “I’m done with people disrespecting them, and I’m really done with elected officials that are behind this. Do what’s right by all the kids or step the hell down,” Davis barked.

Davis offered no proof of which elected officials she was accusing of being “behind” the opponents to their children’s indoctrination.

At the packed school board meeting on Tuesday, Drezek tried to assure Enfield parents that the issuance of the assignment was a “simple mistake.”

“The truth was it was a simple mistake,” he said according to Fox News. “And I know that there are some who may not believe that. I know there are some who don’t necessarily maybe want that answer. In this particular case, I didn’t even get a chance,” Drezek said, “because the person who made the mistake jumped ahead of it before I was even notified that it had happened.”

The superintendent also danced around the statement issued by Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, who announced an end to mask mandates in Connecticut public schools on February 28. Drezek claimed that since Lamont’s executive powers end on February 15, he didn’t appear to have the authority to end the mask mandate after his executive authority expired.

However one might argue that since Lamont no longer has executive emergency authority, any orders he issued when he had it would likewise expire. Drezek appears to be bowing to the pro-mask zealots and teacher’s unions who live in fear of COVID, the hell with what it does to the children. Stay tuned.

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