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Denver cannabis advisory group to examine social equity, diversity deficiencies


Marijuana regulators in Denver have formed an advisory group that includes industry officials to recommend licensing and policy changes that could help diversify the city’s cannabis space and provide more equitable access to the market.

The 24-person working group, which also includes city officials, trade groups, activists and others, will start by looking at new state laws allowing home delivery and social consumption licenses, according to an 

“Denver would like to explore options to ensure equitable access to any new delivery or hospitality licenses that the city may adopt, as well as any new sales and cultivation locations that will be available under the cap and lottery system,” the bulletin noted.

The notice refers to a state study, released in February, that found 79% of “key” marijuana licenses in 2018 were controlled by caucasians. In addition, women held only a third of the licenses.

The advisory group is scheduled to meet virtually four times in May and June.

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